Ensure excellence in your department and enhance your career.

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Network with peers who have faced the same issues.

The CFO Network allows you to profit—personally and professionally—by learning from other experienced CFOs who have first-hand experience with the challenges and opportunities you face, and are committed to your success. 

Improve your leadership and management skills by learning from world-class leaders and peers.

As a top executive, you are uniquely responsible for managing your team while also ensuring that you are achieving your own goals for your company and CEO. The CFO Network provides peer and expert perspectives that can help drive you and your organization's future.

Introduce strategic insights back to your management team.

In just a few days a year, you will identify and concentrate on those initiatives that can have the greatest impact.

Proven ROI: Don’t Take Our Word for It

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“Our company’s health insurance costs were going to increase over 20% for the next year. When we laid out this issue, we discovered he was already paying over 50% more per employee than some of my peers. Two of the members described their captive insurance programs and the benefits/savings with their approach. As a result, I ended up moving to a captive insurance model too and thus far have saved 30% — which is over $500,0000 per year for us.”

Mike DeDona, CFO
SR Smith, LLC

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For Your CEO, other Senior Executives & Emerging Leaders:

In addition to the CFO Network, we also offer the following Networks:

Chief Executive Network

A leading peer network organization for CEOs.

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Senior Executive Network

A top peer network for executives who report into the CEO

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Next Level Leaders Program

Develop your next generation of leaders.

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What our members think about The CFO Network:

  • "SEN has provided a risk free recurring place and reason to explore my companies business. SEN has given me new outlooks on current developments in the business world , exposed me to some of the challenges that lie ahead as our business grows, and provided a chance for new friendships and people who can be on council.”

    Ed Bean
    CFO, Spartan Light Metal Products, Inc.

  • “SEN is my primary resource to identify what it is that I need to learn, or become more knowledgeable on – being able to associate with the best elevates me to a higher level of competence.”

    Don Janezic
    Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration, Bigelow Tea

  • “Each meeting I have attended has given me more ideas in 1 ½ days than I would normally get in 6 months.  Great meetings and great people.”

    Scott Hlavaty
    Vice President of Manufacturing, M-C Industries, Inc.

  • “SEN definitely helped me clarify the different structures based on different organizations. I am keeping my responses as a reference for my organization and potential moves/re-structure.  Also, obtaining information to benchmark from the industry and a recognized source is a definite advantage.”

    Milagro Santos
    InkCycle, Inc.

  • “As always, top notch. Very interesting subject, excellent presentation.”

    John Fancher
    CFO, Robinson Home Products Inc.

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